For "typical" bioscreen runs: use 150 µl total volume around 1/100  to 1/300 dilution from YPD overnight 

  • If using synthetic media (e.g., SC-URA) in the bioscreen, you must add 0.2% NP40, otherwise the cells will clump together and fall out of suspension.

 Bioscreen Instructions:

  • Check fluid levels, fill if necessary (50% ethylene glycol in drawer)
  • Check and set parameters every run

                Set # of wells (usually 100 or 200 – use the arrow to set up to 200)

                Set temperature (30C normal)

                Set length of run (usually 24hrs for YPD)

                Measurement interval (30mins normal)

  • Make sure shaking is ON

Settings – Shaking

Continuous – High 

  • Make sure the lid is placed back on over the bioscreen plates