MMS (99%) = 11.8 M (in 4C fridge by PCR machine)

Tunicamycin 6mg/ml in DMSO (can dilute this stock 1/50 into water and will be soluble) (in 4C fridge by PCR machine)

Paraquat 1M stocks in box (made with water) (in -20C chest freezer, 'drugs' box brians rack)

H2O2 (35% *be careful*) (in 4C fridge by PCR machine)

  35%   = 35g / 100ml = 35g x 34.01mw % 0.1L = 10.3M

NAC (N-acetylcysteine) 0.5M in water (brians box), or powder in 4C fridge by PCR

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